Channel the fire that burns within you,

Feeling your flames rising,

Inspiring you to bold action,

Stepping out and letting yourself be witnessed.

Learning to tame the heat,

The urge for destruction,

Into an illumination glowing within you,

A certainty, remembrance,

Of what you are creating,

Fanning the burning embers,

Until a wildfire is triggered within you,

Capable of clearing any pathway,

Warming your bones,

Bringing fresh motivation to dedicate to your journey,

To who you are becoming,

What you wish to share,

How you feel to be of service.

Remembering that we have the power to become anything we dream of,

As we let go of fear and limitation,

Absorbing the sun’s purifying rays,

Flowing through your cells,

Utilising it to cleanse you,

Bringing you home to the clarity within.

Reconnecting you,

Back to the remembrance of what you came here to do,

To awaken and celebrate with every breath,

The beauty of your existence.

Aiyana Rosel is a mystic, writer and poet. She is an advocate for peace, inspiring leadership and the importance of creativity, nature and connection. She lives in the south of England and can be found walking through forests, eating cake in country gardens and travelling around the UK, wild swimming and camping under the stars. She is passionate about the nature of the human potential and how expression opens a gateway to understanding ourselves more deeply. For collaborations, speaking engagements and correspondents please contact her at: aiyana_rosel[at]

To find out more about her poetry, social media links and other creations please visit:

Buy her poetry book here: Liberated: Poetry in celebration of the Feminine

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