Ageing Consciously and a Wise Woman Crone Ceremony

Event OverTicket Requiredsat04jun3:00 pmsat5:45 pm3:00 pm - 5:45 pm Ageing Consciously and a Wise Woman Crone CeremonyWith Suzanne Arnold


In our youth-focused society, it can be difficult to claim the role of elder, to be proud of that state and recognize the important contributions elders make. However, it wasn’t always like that (and many societies still value the role of elders). In ancient societies around the world, women were wisdom keepers, helping younger women bring new life into the world and helping older women as they exited this mortal realm. The Crone enjoyed a special, revered status and was praised for her wisdom, healing skills, and moral leadership. She has a profound understanding of life and the world around her – she is a font of wisdom for her community and a source of inspiration.
To quote Marion Woodman, “The Crone has been missing from our culture for so long that many women, particularly young girls, know nothing of her tutelage. Young girls in our society are not initiated by older women into womanhood with its accompanying dignity and power. Without the Crone, the task of belonging to oneself, of being a whole person, is virtually impossible.”This is a brief exploration of how we can age consciously with a ceremony to claim the first stage of our journey into Cronehood. The workshop will be private, but the ceremony will be held in circle by the community, witnessing this important stage.

Please bring something sacred to place on the altar, a journal and blanket, cushion, shawl, yoga mat, whatever you need to be comfortable for sitting or lying down for a grounding meditation and a visualisation.

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