Awaken Your Power: A Sensory Voyage with Writing and Aromatherapy

2024fri19jul11:00 amfri12:30 am11:00 am - 12:30 am(GMT+01:00) Awaken Your Power: A Sensory Voyage with Writing and AromatherapyWith Judy Hall


Embark on a transformative journey using guided meditation, essential oils, and the magic of creative writing. Leave your past behind and step into your radiant future with Judy Hall, a seasoned facilitator and passionate guide.
Judy is more than just a teacher; she’s a vibrant spark of energy, a warm laugh, and a touch of whimsy with a deep belief in the transformative power of writing and wellness. With an MA in writing for well-being and over 35 years of experience, Judy has touched countless lives through creative writing workshops in diverse settings, from schools and prisons to community centres.
In this unique workshop, you’ll:
  • Unleash your senses: Immerse yourself in a sensorial landscape with the evocative power of essential oils and guided meditation.
  • Craft your narrative: Use creative writing prompts to release limiting beliefs and embrace your future potential.
  • Connect with community: Discover support and inspiration in a safe and nurturing space alongside fellow adventurers.
  • Release past burdens and find clarity for your future.
  • Tap into your creative wellspring and express yourself authentically.
  • Gain practical tools for holistic well-being and personal growth.
  • Experience the joy of connection and community.
This workshop is for anyone seeking:
  • Personal transformation and growth.
  • Creative expression and exploration.
  • Holistic well-being and self-care.
  • A supportive and inspiring space.
Join Judy on this empowering journey. Unleash your senses, awaken your inner power, and write your own extraordinary story.


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