Beauty Unleashed: Release your Inner Queen & learn to enjoy being seen

Event OverTicket Requiredsun05jun9:30 amsun12:00 pm9:30 am - 12:00 pm Beauty Unleashed: Release your Inner Queen & learn to enjoy being seenWith Amy Lee


This is a creative and collaborative dance and art workshop designed to empower women through creativity, movement, and play. By the end of this workshop, we aim to have you embracing your authentic selves and unleashing your inner Queens on the world!
Through play, paint, and movement this workshop will help you release the shackles of your inner critic.  As women, we often feel scared to stand in our power and be our authentic selves. We frequently, unintentionally, and unconsciously, judge and shame our own bodies and those of our sisters.
This workshop will help you to identify how you think about yourself, and why. Using the power of play and collaborative healing, Amy will teach you to look at yourself differently and learn to see your body in a more wondrous light, so you are able to reclaim your power.
This workshop offers a playful, light-hearted, and “edgy” opportunity for you to explore your relationship to the naked body through play, paint, dance, and collaborative live drawing.
You will work with your sisters, in group work and circle, to identify how you view yourself. Then through a mindfully led dance session you will learn to take control of the ‘gaze’ in a playful way, learning to look differently at your surroundings and yourself.
There will be collaborative healing work and co-regulation exercises. Followed by the pièce de résistance of the workshop – collaborative live drawing – here you simultaneously be the model and the artist. This will allow you to experience the joy of gazing upon and capturing the female form on canvas, whilst also simultaneously being viewed and seen deeply. This activity sounds hard and challenging, but it is deeply freeing, meditative and somatically healing. By the end of the workshop, we hope you will be viewing yourself more positively, and compassionately. We aim to have your fun, happy, confident inner queens shining.
Please note:
* You do not have to be able to draw to take part in this workshop, not about your skills as an artist. This empowering workshop is intended to be a healing experience. It is a transformative process to allow women to feel comfortable in their skin and develop body confidence and a newfound love of their bodies and inner power.
** There will be nudity during this workshop, but it is not a requisite – your safety and comfort is our main priority. While there is a gentle invitation to all present to participate nude for certain actives, it is not mandatory, you must decide what is right for you in each moment. If you do not feel comfortable being nude, that will be honoured. This process will be held and guided with sensitivity, and without expectation.
* The session will involve self-painting and having paint on your skin. All the paints are skin safe – non-toxic and water based. Please bring a light covering for the closing of the workshop, that you don’t mind getting paint on, such as, a sarong or robe or similar type of clothing.
Amy Lee – Founder of Gaia Nook C.I.C, Co-founder of Ludosophy, Creatrix of Awakened Bites
Amy is passionate about bringing women together to heal. She is the founder of the non-for-profit Gaia Nook, a C.I.C dedicated to providing land (a safe, nurturing space) for women to access in the UK whenever they should need it.
Many moons ago, Amy successfully led large international change management programmes for the corporate world, focusing on human science and psychology to drive societal change. She now uses that knowledge for the greater good, helping people drive permanent positive in their lives, and in the wider world. Amy also runs a food consultancy, Awakened Bites, which helps clients to adopt healthy eating habits, to improve their overall physical and mental wellbeing. She has been a pioneer of sugar-free eating for well over a decade.
Amy has recently turned her focus to somatic & movement therapy and trauma recovery, after dedicating 3 years to her own PSTD recovery. Amy has also led women’s’ circles and events for close to 15 years and is committed to helping guide women through the major life stages, in a safe and nurturing space.

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