Event OverTicket Requiredsat22jul4:00 pmsat6:00 pm4:00 pm - 6:00 pm BECOME YOUR OWN MEDICINE & HELP THE HIVE THRIVEWith Jenny Lynne Session (Jen-ix)


Using the power of storytelling as a potent medicine for change and transformation.


What is your purpose?
What is your story?
What is your medicine?
What do you need to shine your brightest light?


We will include intuitive vocal work, healing transmission through drum and voice, creative writing, and visionary journeying, whilst weaving in circle our common threads into miracles.


BE WELCOME Ambassadors of Unity to the Power of Community and Spirit. It’s time to wake up, turn trauma to treasure and help the hive thrive. It is time to re-member the power and wisdom of story and the medicine of imagination, the true heart of the natural world and the power of choice we each have.


As we gather in sacred circle, we re-member the power of connection. We can all feel the disconnection disease of these times spreading.


Are you ready Ambassadors to explore the power of community and spirit with love as your guiding star?


Each of us a drop of rain, together an ocean. Each one of us a unique thread waiting to be woven into a new tapestry, a new story, to build our new earth. So lets unite and co -create the life we want to live for the benefit of all.


Let us restore the imbalance, melt the ice in our hearts and return to the flow. Honour our wolf teacher within, listen to our heart beat, the one beat of all creation and write a new story. As we think so shall it be. We shall rise, we are already free.


Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix) is a Creative Catalyst for Change and Transformation, a visionary and ‘bridge between worlds.’


She is shaman, healer, teacher and channel for higher guidance and healing sound frequencies and has been involved in the healing arts for over 35years. She walks extensively with shamans, wisdom keepers and spiritual leaders and is humbled and grateful that the wisdom of the elders underpins her work.


Jen-ix is also a transpersonal counsellor, psychotherapist, personal empowerment coach and dynamic group facilitator.
Jen-ix is often welcomed as a Transformational speaker, author, artist, poet, storyteller beyond words and fire walk instructor.


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