Dancing with the Ancestors

sat24jul6:00 pmsat7:00 pm6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Dancing with the Ancestorswith Analise Parkins


Analise will guide us through a journey to dance with our ancient, wise ancestors in this empowering chakra dancing workshop.
Chakra Dancing is a healing workout for the mind, body and soul. As we go within and connect to our bodies, we free dance and journey through the seven chakras.
Using an electric mix of powerful music that resonates with each chakra, you will be gently guided on a journey of self-discovery through sound, movement and dance.
From the deep earthy drumming music at the base, to the sexy funky soul of the sacral, let go and reclaim your power with the punchy, staccato at the solar plexus. At the heart we breathe in the loving, intoxicating, disco rhythms, we are mesmerised by the native, Indian chanting at the throat, then we chill out to a contemporary classic piece at the brow. Feeling enlightened and blissful at the crown with a beautiful, angelic piece of music. Once we have danced through all seven chakras we go into a deep relaxation.
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