Find Your Fire

sat04jun2:30 pmsat3:30 pm2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Find Your FireWith Kate Oman


Duration: 1 hour

The world tells you who you should be- an endless tickertape of messages that leave you doubting yourself at every turn. And yet, there’s an unquenchable fire that roars deep inside of your soul. A fire of passion, love, and fierceness. A fire that has it’s roots in the wildness of all that you truly are.

Are you tired of feeling not good enough? Fed up with doubting and questioning yourself? Do you feel as though you don’t even really know who you are anymore?
Through ecstatic dance, embodied meditation, and deep visualisation, you will awaken the fire that resides within you and let it burst forth in a radiant shower of light! You will shed the shackles that seek to keep you small, and move into a space where you become yourself fully, without apology or justification. And you will leave the workshop feeling truly empowered, aligned, and ready to take on the world!
Katie Oman is an author, women’s empowerment coach, spiritual mentor and psychic. She has been working in this field since her spiritual awakening in 2010. Katie holds the intention to help women really see themselves for the phenomenal souls that they are. Katie has previously written for Soul & Spirit, Chat It’s Fate, and Spirit & Destiny magazines. She has also published several books to date, including Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile in 2018, and Shake, Woman, Shake in 2021.
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