Goddess Phoenix Rising - Rebirthing Soundscape Journey

sun25jul2:30 pmsun4:00 pm2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Goddess Phoenix Rising - Rebirthing Soundscape JourneyWith Rebecca Scarlet Davies Of Change Vibration Movement


Sacred rebirthing sonic journey, to burn away all that no longer serves. Experience altered states of consciousness, as you are induced into a deep healing meditative state, with sound vibrations from the celestial Himalayan Singing bowls, the primal beat of the hand drum and an elemental soundscape journey. As spoken words guide you to an ancient desert, to the golden pyramid of the Phoenix. Where a purification fire awaits, surrounded by a circle of your female ancestors. Encouraging you to step into the fire of transformation, to release all that no longer serves your highest good. Rising from the flames, standing in your full power, rebirthing the Goddess Phoenix within.

In preparation, I invite you to think about that which no longer serves, old negative thoughts, beliefs, habits, whatever may be standing in your way of you stepping into your full Goddess power. Receive a crystal gift to crystal to anchor the energy of your transformational moment. Session will be lying down, wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat, eye mask, blanket and pillow, to make a snuggly nest.

Suitable for 18+
Duration: 90mins

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