Golden Temple of Atlantis

fri21jul12:30 pmfri2:00 pm12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Golden Temple of AtlantisWith Karen Marie, Golden Oracle Priestess


Come with me on a journey of sisterhood and soul remembrance, as we form a golden circle and together journey through the golden temple of Atlantis. Together we shall call back all lost fragments from past lives and Atlantean timelines. Let us bathe in her sacred rainbow crystals pools, and allow the Golden Atlantean Energy to clear heal and restore, your full being heart, body, mind and soul, guided my the Archangels and the Ascended Masters.


This is a guided meditation and healing using the Golden Atlantean Energy and working with the sacred flames to clear and transmute all lower vibrational blockage in the life force. This is journey of remembrance and restoration, healing and reclaiming lost fragments of the soul, allowing deep soul healing and the activation of the energy of the Sacred feminine to rise within, allowing you to bloom into your fullest divine expression as a daughter of love to live a life that is divine and truly golden.


Karen is a Master Healer and Priestess of the Sacred Flame, in service upon the Golden Ray, Karen is a spiritual teacher and author. She has walked the path of devotion and gnosis for over 20 years. Karen has been an Oracle & Pythia of the Temple’s of Atlantis, Egypt and Delphi in her previous incarnations, and held many incarnations as a Divine Vessel, Sacred Feminine, Priestess, Prophetess and Healer.


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