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Growler is Dee Mulrooney’s alter-ego and performance piece. She is an 81-year-old shamanic vulva exiled in Berlin. Driven out of Dublin by rising rents and a poor quality of life, Growler has appointed herself the voice of the forgotten woman. Through Growler, Dee’s performances explore femininity, classism, displacement, religion, the female experience, and Dublin’s social history.


Since the rise of the Me-Too movement, the female voice has been gathering momentum and power. Despite the universality of the female experience as a theme in art, it has been largely underexplored. Until now.


Using the vehicle of Growler, artist Dee Mulrooney delves into the depths of woman. The anonymity of the costume allows Growler to speak her mind on taboo topics like sexuality, religion, class, and sexual violence.


Dee’s performance art is provocative and has a political point to make.


Dee Mulrooney is an Irish artist living and working in Berlin for the past six years. Dee is primarily concerned with “art as medicine” and she embraces several disciplines to engage with the healing aspects of creating art.


Through painting, drawing, film, storytelling, and performance she explores exile, displacement, longing and belonging. Her art is fiercely authentic, and she leaves no stone of her own personal healing journey unturned. Dee works with the alchemical aspect of transmutation in her art, and she uses this process to deal with difficult topics, including abuse, death, and loss. Dee considers herself a shadow worker and has experienced the transformative power of sharing stories to heal the collective feminine.


Dee has exhibited and performed numerous times in both Berlin and Ireland, including the “Stay with me” Tuam Babies Collective Exhibition, Pluid project, Sligo Arts Festival, and many independent gigs in Ireland. She formed the feminist “Holy Cvnt Collective” in Berlin, they have had three exhibitions so far. She Has performed at Femme Fracktale, Vulvae, Fusion, and Overmorrow in Berlin.
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