sat04jul9:30 pmsat9:40 pm9:30 pm - 9:40 pm “Incandescent”with Nerena Wright


Nerena Wright is a dual national, South African born, British woman of Indian heritage, giving her quite a multicultural view. She’s also an empath, HSP, Reiki practitioner, artist, aspiring writer, former graphic designer (amongst MANY other career paths) and domestic abuse survivor. Her life experience and natural nurturing qualities have led her to her purpose work as a recovery and resilience coach, working with domestic abuse survivors and anxious creatives to overcome and succeed. Nerena believes that we know intuitively the magic of life within, around and beyond us and that  science is amazing, but will always be running to catch up to what our souls already know. She loves books, music, animals, art, deep conversations and hugs – just to name a few!
If anyone would like to follow Nerena:
IG: @awe_unlimited
IG: @awe_coaching
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