Inhabiting the Female Pelvic Bowl & Understanding our Orgasmic Potential

sat24jul2:00 pmsat4:00 pm2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Inhabiting the Female Pelvic Bowl & Understanding our Orgasmic Potentialwith Sacred Yoni


Yoni is a sanskrit word which alludes to the entirety of the female reproductive system: the womb, vagina and vulva – we do not have a corresponding word in English.

The female pelvic bowl holds the source of a woman’s creative life force. It is a sacred place in the female body – the physical place through which new life enters this earthly plane and the doorway through which women have access to spirit at all times, whether they choose to birth or not and whether they still have their uterus or not. Women have become disconnected from their anatomy and their natural female cycles over the millennia as patriarchal cultural values have sought to control and suppress female sexuality, which is the source of feminine power. This control has been largely achieved using the mechanism of shame. The disconnect translates into dis-ease – menstrual problems from menarche through to menopause and beyond, difficulties conceiving, struggles post-partum, elusive sexual pleasure and difficulty orgasming. Many women are unable to experience pleasure inside their vagina and are unaware of the true orgasmic potential of their body.

This workshop aims to give women the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with their female reproductive and sexual anatomy on an intellectual level and on an energetic level. It also offers the opportunity to connect with our sexuality and learn about our orgasmic potential. Women will go away with a deeper connection to their body and with ideas of how to continue deepening their relationship with their yoni.

Duration: 90 – 120mins
Saturday 1:45pm
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