fri03jun4:00 pmfri6:00 pm4:00 pm - 6:00 pm InnerdanceWith Jenny Asha Lily Wilde


Duration: 2 hours

Innerdance is my most favourite immersive experience.  I love to journey with Innerdance as often as possible and I deeply enjoy facilitating journeys for others. With Innerdance I combine my musical skills, intuitive magical play list ability (connection with the music spirits!), bodywork and shamanic medicine techniques to bring about deep transformation, letting go, alignment, bliss and joy.
Innerdance is a journey into you, it is done with eyes shut or with a blindfold so there is no need to worry about how you look or what others are thinking, allowing you to immerse yourself and go inward.  Most people lie on a mat but it can also be experienced in a chair if needed.  Some people stay very still and experience deep inner landscapes, some move around a lot dancing, stretching, rolling.  Most people experience a mixture of stillness and movement…anything goes.
During your Innerdance Shamanic Sound Journey you may experience:
Dreamlike states
Colours, shapes, seeing sacred geometry
Changes in body temperature
Spontaneous movements
Release of tension and pain
Extreme relaxation
A range of emotions
Connection to spirit/Source/Earth? God/Goddess
Releases of stuck energy/trapped emotions
Free dancing
Vocal releases
Ancestral experiences
Rememberings of the womb
Past life memories
Connections to star family
Fizzing/tingling sensations within the body
Kundalini experiences
Somatic release
Sense of peace, wholeness, purpose
Sudden inspiration
A new trust in your body wisdom
An immense sense of freedom
Whole body energetic orgasmic states!
This is all supported by me intuitively working with your physical and energetic body to help you to deepen and let go into complete surrender and trust.  I then support you on your return and integration back into this reality, so you return from your journey fully grounded with renewed wholeness, purpose and connection to your inner wisdom.
Facilitated by Shaman, teacher, bodyworker, Priestess, musician, artist, play therapist and Mother Jenny Asha Lily Wilde.
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