Kick the Shit out of Your Toxic Habits

sun05jun4:15 pmsun5:15 pm4:15 pm - 5:15 pm Kick the Shit out of Your Toxic HabitsWith Christine Wright


Christine brings to the table her straight-talking workshop delivering her unique REFRAMING PROGRAM, which was learned when divine intervention occurred in 2019. This ‘allowed’ her to change her destructive cycle and pattern of behaviours, which had governed her life since being 14 years old, this intervention helped her carve out a healthier path in Mind, Body, and Soul.
Her programs have been used to mentor amazing kick-ass women (side note – we are all freakin’ amazing women) who maybe have lost their way in life a little, and are using any of the following: alcohol, gambling, food, sex, retail therapy, and even procrastination as tools to get by, thinking that they are alleviating pressures and boredom which then result in unhealthy habits being born. Let’s tackle these before addiction sets in!
Christine will share with you, top tips, hacks, and reasons why you do what you do introducing the habit cycle and all the funky juicy stuff of her REFRAMING elements.
So, if you want to be a better, brighter more kick-ass version of the kick-ass version you already are, get your ass to this workshop to find that FREEDOM
Why should I listen to this tree-hugging, mermaid wannabe, angel, and crystal-loving, slightly bonkers woman?
listen up, here’s why…
Christine is a former functioning alcoholic, now turned motivational speaker, mentor, founder of habit breaker motivational community, and Freedom Retreats organiser. Nominated for Inspirational women of the year 2021, She will hold a safe space for all who enter the workshop -no judgment here, so you just be you – bold and beautiful, learn to stand in your power which enables you to make a positive difference in your life.
Please bring a notebook and as many colourful pens as you wish to take some kick-ass notes!
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