Know Your Flow

fri21jul4:00 pmfri5:00 pm4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Know Your FlowWith Adele Wimsett


Bridging the science with the woo, in this workshop Adele will explain why we fluctuate as we do, how to gather data on your own unique rhythms & cycles, how to apply this to your life and meet four of the female archetypes that exists within you.


With the current global menstrual movement, more and more women are becoming connected to their cyclical nature. But what does this actually mean? How do we really differ from men? How does understanding the phases of our cycle, optimise our life? What if we have an irregular cycle? How does each phase feel to individual women? What if a woman is not naturally cycling or even still has her womb?


So many questions exist that need answering if women are to truly harness the power of their cyclical nature! Through drawing on female archetypes, this workshop aims to clarify what it means to harness your essential feminine wisdom and how it can empower your life choices.


Adele is a Women’s Health Practitioner & Cyclical Living Expert, having co-authored the book Essential Feminine Wisdom. Adele supports women to take a lifestyle approach to balancing their hormones & is passionate about teaching all about the menstrual cycle.


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