‘Letters from the Wound’ & a Journey Back to Your Inner Fire

sat04jul4:00 pmsat5:00 pm4:00 pm - 5:00 pm ‘Letters from the Wound’ & a Journey Back to Your Inner Firewith Natacha Dauphin


Come and journey back to source, back to you, back to your inner flame and creative fire with Natacha Dauphin, author of Letters from the Wound.

Do you remember becoming aware of having abandoned yourself? Or perhaps you hadn’t realised that this was happening until now?

Natacha became aware of this, which changed everything, enabling her to step into a fuller and truer version of herself.

This abandoning can happen slowly, subtly and over time or fiercely and suddenly. Either way, it causes us to disconnect; from ourselves, our gifts and the world around us.

In this workshop, you will be reminded that it is OK to feel ALL that you are feeling. You will be encouraged to acknowledge and thank your wound for her gifts and you will be given tools to stop feeding her and start living from a place of presence and gratitude for the wondrous gift that is your life.

Whether you experienced or are experiencing grief, betrayal, depression, anxiety, shame, loss of self-worth and motivation, you have the right to start feeling magic, inspiration and intuition flow through you again. You are deserving and worthy of being you, of embracing your time here on Earth and of sharing your gifts.

The workshop will address these themes, give you concepts and exercises to dive deeper after the session and help you pivot back to your authentic self.
You will be supported by readings from Natacha’s newly published book ‘Letters from the Wound’ and a LIVE exploratory guided sound meditation with voice and medicine drum.

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