Midnight Sacred Firewalk

Event OverTicket Requiredfri21jul11:00 pmfri12:30 am11:00 pm - 12:30 am Midnight Sacred Firewalk


Join us for an empowering midnight sacred firewalk across the fiery embers connecting to all the elements. Firewalking is an ancient sacred practice that has been practiced for centuries in cultures all around the world. As the fire burns, you are fully prepared and trained to firewalk. You can set an intention and place it in the fire or release what no longer serves you with each intentional step.


Firewalking is a life-changing experiential activity connecting the mind and body for a transformational experience as you ignite your inner fire to walk forward in life with a new found confidence being all that you are.


You will be held in a sacred and empowering energy, supported by a team of qualified fire walking instructors.

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