Osho Dynamic Meditation

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Dynamic meditation is a profound practice that combines movement and meditation, developed by the great Indian spiritual leader Osho. Through the use of chaotic breathing, wild movements, and primal sounds, we can awaken and move stagnant energy within our body-mind system, breaking free from old patterns and habits that no longer serve us. OSHO Dynamic Meditation practice also includes dancing with a shamanic drum, allowing us to connect with the ancient rhythms of the earth and tap into the primal energy that flows within us all.


Through the practice of dynamic meditation, we can release emotional blockages and purify our body and mind, allowing us to experience a deep sense of peace, calm, and inner harmony. As we move and breathe with intention, we allow ourselves to expand our lung capacity, take in more oxygen, and release more carbon dioxide, allowing us to feel more alive, energized, and vibrant.


According to Osho, dynamic meditation is especially effective in the amelioration of insomnia, depression, transforming anger into compassion, and minimizing violence. By tapping into the transformative power of this practice, we can awaken to our true nature as divine beings, connected to the infinite wisdom and love of the universe.


This individual experience lasts an hour and requires loose, comfortable clothing. Through the practice of dynamic meditation, we can awaken to our innermost self and experience a deep sense of spiritual transformation and growth, allowing us to live more fully in alignment with our true purpose and highest potential.


Nurcan is an adventurer and yoga teacher whose love for exploration has taken her to over 60 countries. She founded the Kozmik Spiritual Festival to bring people together to explore spirituality and connect on a deeper level.


As a yoga teacher, Nurcan’s teachings are grounded in her passion for holistic soul-body-mind studies, esoteric yoga, and Vinyasa flow. Her unique blend of expertise also includes Reiki healing, Osho Dynamic meditation, and Access Consciousness the Bars facilitator. Nurcan is committed to guiding individuals to listen to their own inner reflections and explore the spiritual aspects of yoga, bringing a deep sense of joy and transformation to her students.


Nurcan is driven by her desire to share her knowledge, experience, and passion for yoga, travel, and spirituality with the world. She is an inspiration to all those who seek to live a life of adventure, growth, and self-discovery.


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