Pearl - Dance with the Goddess

sun23jul1:00 pmsun3:00 pm1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Pearl - Dance with the GoddessWith Lia Nelissen


A deep dive, an exploration of self…


Join me in the ceremony of Pearl where we explore owning your self-worth as your birth right. Contrary to popular belief, pearls hardly ever result from the intrusion of a grain of sand into an oyster’s shell—instead, pearl forms when an irritant particle becomes trapped.


We connect the same principles in our ceremony by turning our ‘irritations’ into jewels. When a woman knows her worth, truly knows it, and embraces the truth that she is sacred, everything changes.


Using Sacred Feminine Embodied movement, we journey through seven Archetypes, releasing layers of conditioning such as shame & fear.


Awakening love, pleasure, and the ecstatic feeling of being in our authentic expression. Fully owning our desires and knowing we deserve love, abundance, pleasure, and femininity.


During this ceremony, we flow through embodiment practices to create safety in our bodies to receive more love, be in our truths, explore pleasure & feel empowered.


Are you ready to reveal your pearl?
To see yourself through the eyes of your inner goddess?
To love yourself with guilt?
To reclaim the pleasures of life?
To be you, unapologetically, without the shackles of shame?


Lia is a Priestess and Wild Grace Movement trainer, leads you through Embodiment practices including gentle movement, breathwork and a huge sprinkle of magick. She is a Priestess & Wild Grace Movement Trainer, living in this modern world as a practitioner of the ancient ways, a time traveller, and a weaver of the void. A Feminine Embodiment & Tantric facilitator, initiated as Priestess in ancient Egyptian mysteries and magick. With a focus on the remembrance of these ways, trained in Womb and Fertility Massage, and in a 1:1 mentorship with Jane Hardwicke-Collings – connecting to her mystic within the blood rites and women’s mysteries.


Blessed by Luna creates the space to journey to the depth of your inner self, dancing with your archetypes and uncovering the layers of truth, love, pleasure, devotion, and desire.


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