Queen of Hearts: Healing the Heart & Womb with The Rhiannon; Divine Queen & Goddess of Grace, Grief and Grooves

Event OverTicket Requiredsun23jul10:30 amsun12:30 pm10:30 am - 12:30 pm Queen of Hearts: Healing the Heart & Womb with The Rhiannon; Divine Queen & Goddess of Grace, Grief and GroovesWith Katie Kalyani


A Gentle Womb Yoga Nidra & Women’s Circle Ceremony.


Rhiannon is the Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons, teaching women to discover our queen frequency and sovereignty. She is also the goddess of love, self-worth, forgiveness, the threshold, water, grooves, and abundance.


She is a psychopomp who travels between worlds, a gentle guide taking us through our crossroads of pain, grief and hurt to help us transform shadows into light, to heal the combined energy of our wombs and hearts, to know thy self regardless of persecution, judgement, loss, and trepidation. To step into our divine queenly power with grace.


Womb Yoga is an evolving therapeutic approach to yoga specially developed to support women’s health and healing. Katie is an Ayurvedic yoga teacher, specialising in yoga tailored to the moon phases, Gaia’s seasons, and the seasons of women’s bodies.


The first half of this workshop will emphasise on cultivating love and connecting to the archetype of Rhiannon from within the womb space. The movements will be gentle, restorative, and sweet like honey with restful Yoga Nidra to end.


*Yoga Nidra is also called ‘Sleep Yoga’ and is akin to hypnotherapy. Katie will take you through a guided meditative visual journey to connect with Rhiannon.


The second half will be a sharing circle with the option to journal or write poetry to channel Rhiannon in your heart space, connecting womb and heart together to encourage deep communication and self-healing to discover your sovereignty and have a deep sister sharing of what came up for you during the womb yoga and yoga nidra. If there is time, Katie will initiate participants into the munay-ki rite of the womb healing.


Please bring a pen, journal, yoga mat, water and blanket.


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