Rebirthing Breathwork - Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Event OverTicket Requiredfri03jun4:00 pmfri6:00 pm4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Rebirthing Breathwork - Reclaim Your SovereigntyWith Shani Ben-aroya


We come into this world and take our first breath. We leave this world and take our last breath. And in between, we forget to breathe.

True story. So many of us are holding onto our breath. Forgetting to deeply connect to the most beautiful and profound tool we have in our cosmic kit! And guess what… once we learn how use it properly, it’s totally FREE!

The simple and profound practice of actively using conscious connected breathing to fill yourself with oxygen and move stuck energy out of your body feels like the most beautiful meditation, a trip across the universe, defying time and space and the biggest crying fest you’ve ever had and the most blissful sleep at the end!

What happens when a soul decides to be born onto this earth plain? The birth experience is a true miracle of life and evolution itself. The bringing forth of new life into the world is the fusion of all into one and the transition and transformation of energy into matter.

This guided Rebirthing breathwork uses the power of conscious connected breathing to work on unpeeling the layers of limiting beliefs, traumas and memories that have been keeping you in fear and stopping you from remembering who you truly are! It is your birth right to reclaim your SOVEREIGNTY!

In this workshop, I will share with you about the transformational power of Rebirthing Breathwork and the concepts it is based on. (You might want to bring your journal and pen!) We will then go through an energy cycle in which you will experience the alchemy of breathwork in releasing deep subconscious stored energy or emotions to bring you closer to your divine state of being.

You need to bring:
– A yoga mat
– A blanket/shawl in case you get cold!
– Some tissues
– Comfortable clothes
– Please refrain from eating or drinking caffeine (apart from water) 2-3 hours before the session
– Please be drug and alcohol free 48 hours before the session

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