Talk - Shining a Light on Eating Disorders

sat22jul10:00 amsat10:45 am10:00 am - 10:45 am Talk - Shining a Light on Eating DisordersWith Laura Sylv


This talk is about mental health and more specifically, the taboo around eating disorders. The myths and the harrowing bits people don’t talk about or don’t want to know about. Laura will be talking about her 12+ year battle with anorexia and the challenges and struggles that came along with that, including she got to where she is today.


Laura will talk about the many near death experiences, but also the beauty that is found at the bottom of despair and strength, resilience and wisdom gained in adversity.


Eating disorders are incredibly complex and difficult to understand, they aren’t just about food, appearance, and weight. Laura will be shining a light on this topic, in her inspiring and educating talk.


Laura Sylv is an Empowerment Coach for women. Her heart-led mission is to help guide women back home to themselves through the power of self-love and positive mindset. She compassionately helps women to unveil their deep-rooted fears, limiting beliefs and anything that is keeping them stuck or holding them back. Laura helps you to find ‘you’ again, to reclaim your happiness, your spark, to truly love and accept yourself, stepping into your true authenticity. Say goodbye to self-doubt as well as all the things that no longer serve you, so you can embody the most fulfilling, confident high vibe version of yourself that is on a continuous journey to improving herself and her life. It all starts with you.


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