Sonya Smith

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Sonya is a singer songwriter, known for her emotive lyrical songs & distinctive, wide-ranging voice.
She thinks she must have been singing since she fell out of the cradle but playing guitar did not begin until her middle years, and her youthful love of writing poetry developed into song writing. Influences on her at that same time, from numerous wise and loving thinkers, lead her to discover and explore pathways to a self-discovery and revaluing of herself which influenced her song writing.
Her insights enabled her to re-connect with her experiences and memories with new awareness, compassion and understanding, of herself – and others. She draws on her discoveries and insights to constantly explore and evolve, re-birthing and empowering herself in writing her emotive and cathartic songs.
Her voice; described as the Voice of an Angel, Beautiful and Haunting, Honey Sweet, Soulful & Blue, draws you in to explore your own experiences through her lyrically rich, storytelling songs of passion & pain, loss & redemption, discovery & self-worth, to discover the balance of life, in all its shades of dark and light.
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