Soulful Morning Cacao & Dance

Event OverTicket Requiredsat22jul7:15 amsat8:45 am7:15 am - 8:45 am Soulful Morning Cacao & DanceWith Rachael & Hannah


In this beautiful morning cacao circle and silent disco, Rachael and Hannah will lead you through an opening meditation connecting you to your heart space and the spirit of cacao, and then flow into a grounding and uplifting ecstatic dance journey.


The perfect way to start the day, set your intentions for the festival and shake off all that you want to leave behind!


Whether your energy on the day is sky high or earthy slow, you’re most welcome to come just as you are. ‘Ecstatic’ refers to getting out of your head and into your body,
not to the pursuit of extreme happiness, although this may also occur!


During our journey, we’ll dance to a glorious mix of ambient, euphoric,
and soul-stirring world beats to help you get out of your head, deeply drop
into your body, and respond with compassionate curiosity to whatever arises.
You’re free to move how and as you like, no judgements and no expectations. The
silent disco headsets create a lovely dance bubble, provide crystal clear sound
and are volume adjustable.


Why cacao?
Cacao works with our heart energy, opening our heart space and
connecting us on a deeper level to whatever within us that is asking for our
love and attention. She is also a great way to connect to others through the
frequencies of love, compassion, and joy.


Cacao is a natural stimulant, vasodilator, and muscle relaxant,
helping to relax our bodies and allowing blood to flow more freely through our
blood vessels and energise the nervous system. For this reason, she is the
perfect partner to ecstatic dance, where we are allowing stagnant and trapped
energy to move and be released.


Please bring plenty of water, layers of clothing (you might get really warm while dancing but cool off at the end.)


There are some contraindications to drinking ceremonial
cacao – if you are currently taking anti-depressants or have issues with your
blood pressure, please contact Rachael.


About us:
Rachael (@letsdancesheffield) trained as an Ecstatic Dance
facilitator with Dance the Medicine and Ecstatic Dance UK and runs Let’s Dance
Sheffield. She holds cacao circles, ecstatic dance and silent disco events in
Sheffield and the Peak District. Her dances are conscious, free-moving,
non-judgemental and safe spaces for you to fully express yourself however you
are at the present moment. There is no expectation, no end goal. She is
passionate about creating a space where everyone can feel at ease dancing
consciously and messily!


Hannah (@wedancefree) trained as a Dance and Movement Meditation
Facilitator with Dance Awake and as the creator of the award-winning Dance Free
Community Interest Company she advocates dance as a way of life running Dance
Free in Nature silent disco events in Lincolnshire and beyond. A mover, groover
and initiator of positive change through dance and movement, she guides people
to let go and feel free in their body. Knowing how dancing freely to music can
bring everyday joy, empowerment, and release emotions in a transformative and
healing way.

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