Talk - Healing Hidden Family Wounds

2024sun21jul9:00 amsun10:00 am9:00 am - 10:00 am(GMT+01:00) Talk - Healing Hidden Family WoundsWith Leanne Terry


Do you ever feel a nagging sense of unease, even when things seem good? Like a shadow of doubt that whispers insecurities or fuels anxieties, even when you can’t pinpoint a specific cause. We often search for obvious traumas or dramatic events to explain our emotional struggles, but sometimes the deepest roots lie in places closer than we think – within our families.


In this talk, we’ll explore the invisible threads that connect our seemingly “normal” families to the emotional baggage we carry well into adulthood. We’ll discover how unconscious patterns and subtle influences, passed down through generations, can shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in unexpected ways.


But the good news is, we have the power to break free. Through practical tools and insightful exercises, you’ll learn to identify these hidden patterns and unlock the keys to leave them behind. As a counsellor who has witnessed countless journeys of healing, I’m excited to guide you on a path towards greater self-understanding, inner peace, and genuine empowerment.


About Lianne Terry


Lianne Terry is a Person-Centred and CBT therapist passionate about helping individuals heal from past pain and unlock their full potential. With expertise in family dynamics and emotional healing, she empowers individuals and groups to build self-awareness, confidence, and lasting happiness. Lianne runs a private practice, offers online programs, and leads workshops to share her knowledge and support others on their journeys to well-being.


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