Temple Of The Sacred Pelvis

Event OverTicket Requiredsat04jun9:00 amsat12:00 pm9:00 am - 12:00 pm Temple Of The Sacred PelvisWith Aurora Sunu/Pelvic Priestess


What is it to come back? To belong to your body as sacred earth?

A compassionate & guided somatic inquiry into connection with your embodied & liberated Pelvis in 7 Sacred Invitations…

Each gateway welcomes you into your Pelvic Presence.  Allowing the tender emergence of your safe erotic-wild.  Calling upon Tantric Embodiment Practices, & the 5 Holistic foundations: Breath, Sound, Movement, Energy & Intention. Discover how you can bring yourself deeper into the Temple of your Sacred Pelvis.

This is a journey of remembrance of your sovereign-self, following the impulse &  undulation of your rhythmic tides, knowing your body as your ritual space, you cultivate an ecology of empowered thriving.

Awaken your Pelvic Temple through the gaze of transformational love, with a compassionate exploration of the ways in which you have stored emotions & sensations in the tissues, bones, and energy of your Pelvic Bowl.  Noticing how this keeps you outside of radical self-love, & how you can invite your liberation to reveal the beauty of your embodied mystery.

Shape round your pains & pleasures & come to the medicine of Pelvic Steaming… In devotion, welcome your experience to rise with the wisdom song of herbs from pot to pelvis…Come beloved, the gateways beckon… & your sacred remembrance awaits you.


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