Temple of the Sacred Pelvis

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What is it to come back? To belong to your body as sacred earth?


This workshop is a compassionate and guided somatic inquiry into connection with your embodied and liberated Pelvis in Seven Sacred Invitations… At each gateway you are welcomed into your Pelvic Presence. Allowing the tender emergence of your own exquisite and safe erotic-wild. Calling upon Tantric Embodiment practices, you will work with the 5 Holistic foundations of Breath, Sound, Movement, Energy and Intention. You will come to discover yourself to be the art that you need, to bring yourself deeper into the Temple of your Sacred Pelvis.


This is a journey of remembrance of your sovereign-self, following the impulse and undulation of your own rhythmic tides, knowing your body as your own sacred ritual space, so that you might cultivate an ecology of empowered thriving. Awakening your Pelvic Temple through the gaze of transformational love, with a compassionate exploration of the ways in which you have stored, suppressed and constricted emotions and sensations in the tissues, bones and organs held in the majesty of your Pelvic Bowl. Noticing how this may have kept you outside of radical self-love, and how you can begin to invite your liberation, by shaking and speaking your desires from the womb of silence, revealing the pelvic presence of your own unique embodied mystery. As we begin to shape round our pains and pleasures, we come to the medicine of Pelvic Steaming… In devotion, we welcome all that we have experienced, to rise with the wisdom song of herbs from pot to pelvis… Come beloved, the gateways beckon… and you are a song of pelvic presence to be sung in radiant and sacred shining.


The 7 Sacred Invitations:


Gateway 1: Sacred Remembrance Scent Anointing

Gateway 2: Grounding The Vessel Opening Meditation

Gateway 3: Total Love Tantric Breast/Chest/Heart And Pelvic Awakening Practice

Gateway 4: Speaking Desires From The Womb of Silence and Sacred Yoni/Pussy Gazing

Gateway 5: Reclaiming Your Holy Pelvic Ground And Gentle Trauma Release Exercise

Gateway 6: Mild Pelvic Steam Hydrotherapy Session

Gateway 7: Sanctuary And Sustenance: Closing And Integration Circle.




Come beloved, an invitation beckons… Let us welcome and remember each other at the Temple Gates, where you will be presenced and anointed with scent, with tones of compassionate heart- awakening notes dancing upon deep rich velvet rhythms of your sacred remembrance.




As you journey deeper still into the inner folds of the Temple, the hearth embers ignite with the sacred song of your remembrance, calling you home. Swirling its gnosis from the womb of silence, an opening meditation: ‘Grounding The Vessel’– offers itself as a cup of invitation, to be here now– the chalice of your sovereign-self as perfect presence. During this simple opening meditation we learn how to invite our bodies into safety, softening into self-resourcing as a radical act of compassionate Pelvic Presence. From this exquisite emergence, we also begin to heal one of the deepest and most insidious of wounds, that of a circle of womxn gathered in body, breath and bone. We intentionally circle together, a collective experience a liberation for us all.




From compassionate presence we pilgrim into the embrace of the arms of the goddexx of Total Love, the archetype of the 7th lunation, the moon that breathes from the centre-point. Where you will be guided into a tantric heart and pelvic awakening breath work tending to the flame of your own inner temple hearth. At this gateway beloved, we are called to ask: What is it that you must leave at the temple gate? What is it in you that asks for a place to be loved and invited, called into sacred belonging?


It is essential that we arrive at the heart of love as an initial gateway to true transformation, because love is without doubt a foundation for true healing and thriving. It is the fluid, the liquid, the source of all thriving life.  Real transformation exists when it is sourced from the well-spring of love. When we source in love in this way, we are not fixing our supposed ‘brokenness, we are co-creating with exquisite choice, powerfully declaring: ‘I love myself so deeply that I am going to take action and move in a direction of alignment and goodness from a place of love.’ It isn’t fixing brokenness; it is allowing your innate wholeness. Radical self-love really is the river of source for all true transformation, come and swim here Beloved!


Heart and Pelvic Awakening Breath-work can be a powerful embodiment practice to really work with the deeper parts of your primal and limbic systems, allowing you to soften, releasing cortical- control. Inviting you into your body in ways that allow you to access old and limiting neural imprints, releasing them, and with love, with holy devotion, and compassionate awareness, breathing love into every cell, bone and sinew. Cultivating and empowering new safe, and erotic wild imprints of love, pleasure and your holy aliveness.




In Tantra, desires are known as The whispers of The Soul, and when we invite ourselves into wholistic sexuality, we witness those desires as sacred.  At this gateway we will play with the tantric practice of eye gazing, we will tenderly, courageously, in devotion- share our desires with a partner from the energy of our potent womb wisdom.


We will begin to rock our pelvic gaze inwards, speaking our desires from parts of ourselves that have often felt unsafe, numb, constricted.  Allowing ourselves to behold the gaze of our pelvic bowl, the energy of our ovaries, womb, cervix, and sacred yoni/pussies. With the field of love for ourselves, our bodies and our desires expanding, we will enter the ritual of Yoni/Pussy Gazing.  What is it to truly in devotion witness your sacred earth?


(Please note that during this part of the workshop you are invited to do what feels best for you and your boundaries in the moment, it may be your joy to experience yoni/pussy gazing reciprocally with a partner, or it may be that what feels most nourishing for you in the moment is to hold yourself and your own experience more privately.  Handheld mirrors with blankets and sumptuous pillows for nesting will be available. The personal and shared experience are both uniquely valuable, what is most powerful for you is to practice as you feel called to-within your own window of tolerance and safety as an empowered and beautiful choice.) This practice changed my life and is truly still one of the most profound experiences on my path to healing and thriving!




Now that we have been truly meeting ourselves, our landscapes, individually and collectively as womxn, we are developing relationship and connectivity to what it can be to inhabit and know our ground and belonging with an empowered pelvis.  A holy reclamation of our original essence from deep within our womxn’s earth.  For womxn our pelvis can often be experienced as our ‘centre of gravity’, we experience our cyclical nature from our pelvis, we experience rites of passage and transitions from the temple of the pelvis. It is the space from which, life, projects, dreams, authentic leadership, and sacred lineage medicine lives. But it is also most often a space of deep wounding, a place where we have stored our shame, anger, lack of self-worth, contracting and constricting over and over again, until patterns of shame and doubt have become an habitual repetition that keep us stuck and misshapen. In Reclaiming Your Holy Pelvic Ground, we recognise the Sacred Temple of the Pelvis. We begin to take a somatic exploration of the ways that we constrict, hide, numb out.  We begin to liberate the emotions and sensations of the Pelvic Temple. Using a gentle TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises), we begin to initiate a tremor release, with curiosity and playfulness, we begin to shake our bodies, activating the vagus nerve and beginning to regulate the nervous system.  Welcoming ourselves truly into right relationship with an Empowered Pelvic practice.




O Beloved, We have welcomed each other with anointing, remembering each other home, we have grounded the vessel, allowing us to voice from the well space of the chalice with pelvic presence, we have awoken in connection our hearts, breasts and pelvic bowls, we have sung our desires from the energetic womb of silence, entered the ritual of sacred yoni/pussy gazing and reclaimed our pelvic earth as sacred holy ground, liberating the emotions, quivering and trembling our pelvic release and empowering our sacred sovereignty, what is there left to do beloved, but to steam it all round? Come to the pot with compassionate awareness and let us close our circle with a collective mild-pelvic steam, be nourished, cleansed, purified, soothed and celebrated. Your embodied pelvic- presence as your own liberation, for yourself and for the body of womxn collectively.


Mild Pelvic Steaming:


Pelvic Steaming, also known as V-Steaming/Yoni Steaming/Bajos, has been practiced by many lineages and traditions around the for centuries. During the Middle Ages in the British Isles, as womxn were persecuted for practising natural medicine, steaming became almost lost to the following generations. But the gift of steam has a way of rising, and this practice is once again being embraced as a holistic tool for womxn of all ages and life experiences for their embodied awakening.


Steam is incredibly supportive on its own and can encourage circulation, cleansing and healing. The addition of natural herbs can be of great benefit, further aiding cleansing, relief and restoration.  This gentle hydrotherapy works by sitting above a bowl of steaming herbs using a steam stool. The warm steam softens and relaxes the cervix, carrying the herbal properties through the cervix and into the uterus and pelvic bowl, supporting regular and healthy menstrual cycles, easing symptoms of PMS, strengthening the uterus and vaginal tissues, soothing infections, nurturing post-partum healing, and much more. A gift of holistic well-being and embodiment.


We will sit as Queens/Sovereign Royal beings on our thrones, our sit bones opening the pelvic bowl, and gently steam all that we have experienced with a mild 10-minute pelvic steam.  Everything you need will be provided for the mild steam session, but you must have completed your Intake form 3 weeks prior to the session.




Integration and Light Refreshment

Closing Circle.




-Please allow 3 hours for this workshop.

-Please be on time for the session for safe-space to be held.

-If possible, please wear a skirt/sarong that you can easily move in.  I will have a limited availability.

-You may require your own water bottle.

-It is essential that you complete an intake form for steaming suitability 3 weeks prior to the workshop.  (There are contraindications for steaming, so please feel free to check this on my website.)  If steaming is contraindicated, I will have a foot-bath available for you instead if you wish.

-Please note that during breast/chest massage, yoni/pussy gazing there may be some nudity. You will be invited to do, express and choose as feels true and right for you, whilst also respecting that which others choose. We celebrate each other in all of our variations and wherever we are on our journey. There is no expectation, please hold yourself lovingly, as I will do as your facilitator.

-Please be advised that you will be guided in a breathwork, there are contraindications for breathwork such as: epilepsy/severe asthma/pregnancy. Please let me know so that I can adjust the experience for you safely.

-If you have any questions or concerns please let me know prior to booking, I am more than happy to schedule a clarity call with you, which you can book via my website.




-You desire to belong to your body and your pelvic presence in loving safety.

-You have a curiosity about tantric practices as a way of embodying your pelvic presence.

-You already have a developed practice and wish to continue to deepen your experience of the Temple of Your Sacred Pelvis and refresh your beginnings.

-You have a basic level of self-resourcing allowing you to hold yourself during the workshop practices.

-You desire to have a personal experience within a collective container.

-You love or are delightfully curious about ritual and devotional practices.

-You wish to celebrate your erotic embodied mystery, knowing your safety to know your wild!

-You have or do not have parts of your womxn’s body…we can work with the energetics of these spaces as well as the physical, celebrating our diversity.




-You have deep unresolved and deeply unintegrated trauma that you know could be triggered by the workshop experiences and push you outside of your window of tolerance/safety. To be clear, check in with yourself. How did you feel reading the workshop content? Take a sacred pause… and check in with your body, the sensations and emotions that you experienced as you read.  How is your breath, are you able to be present with the material and keep breathing? Notice if you feel relaxed, but not frozen, do you experience any contractions or dissociation? Trauma necessitates a gentle, slow and steady safety. If you can safely hold yourself through this then that’s great, and if you feel that you cannot, that is a beautiful decision to be celebrated too, with an invitation to seek the support that you need, knowing that your body is a wisdom keeper, and that your own artful healing and wholeness is your birth right.


A Little Bit About Pelvic Priestess:


Aurora Sunu is a Pelvic Priestess, and founder of The Temple of The Sacred Pelvis. As an embodied and ecstatic mystic, she is an advocate for an embodied and liberated pelvic health.


Aurora is a trained Pelvic Steam Hydrotherapist, Holistic Tantric Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, and a Trauma Release Therapist.  She continues to Study at the institute for Integrated Pelvic Health with The Flourish Academy and is a published Priestess Poet of 13 Moons.


Aurora helps womxn re-belong themselves to their body, specialising in working with womxn who have experienced sexual and pelvic trauma to nurture ways to shape pain and pleasure round.  Helping you belong yourself to your own integrated sexual sovereignty by working with presence, compassion and a fiercely-gentle love. Allowing you to know yourself remembered as sacred-earth, empowering you to be at exquisite choice to claim your own embodied liberation, for yourself, your relationships and your unique expression of your safe erotic-wild.


There comes a time on your journey when you are ready to alchemise. When you realise that you are not alone your fragments, but a pilgrim with a stained-glass heart, ready to walk shame into shine, all your parts whole, for you were all the colours all along Beloved…


She offers 1-1 Pelvic Steam Consultations, Private Holistic Coaching, Workshops and Retreats.

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