The Vulva, The Voice and the Vagus Nerve

sat04jun2:00 pmsat3:00 pm2:00 pm - 3:00 pm The Vulva, The Voice and the Vagus NerveWith Debs De Vries


Duration: 50 mins

Stripping away the taboos and embodying your unique soul “powermap”.

You already know that it’s not enough to ‘know about’ spirituality, it is about physically embodying it.
Without physical embodiment, your lifeforce will not be able to create the life you dream of and desire.
But what do you need to know and DO to have this happen in your body?
This is what Debs will share with you:
  • The physical and metaphysical connections between the vulva and the voice and the vagus nerve.
  • How cultural and social expectations have prevented women (and men) from owning their power.
  • Webbing and ‘blocks’ to the creative/ womb centre.
  • Why your body is designed to host a holistic map of your soul and how that depends on the Vulva and the Voice and the Vagus nerve being aligned.
  • Why the spiritual ‘technology’ of manifestation will click into place when you operate from this alignment.
  • Ideas for you to play with to begin the process of this alignment.
Debs de Vries – Metaphysical Mentor to unstoppable midlife women.
Debs is the UK’s “go to” mentor for the determined, creative and ‘out of the box’ thinking woman who is spinning her wheels at the midlife crossroads.  She mentors, guides and alchemically fast tracks spirited, determined women so they don’t waste time in ‘the twilight zone”.
No matter what the issue is – confusion: frustration: low energy – not seeing a way ahead, sorting out tangled emotional problems, boosting skills and confidence, or taking a business to its next level, Debs knows how to guide and advice, champion, support and hold every woman who feels her soul’s calling.
In addition to her mentoring, coaching and teaching  practice – borne from using the practical tools she has created  in over 30 years of business and personal growth tutoring, Debs applies the power of Transference Healing ®, Yogic Tantric knowledge and a smidge of psychic stardust, so every client gets exactly what she needs to free herself to live her unique calling.

Please bring a blanket, cushion if needed/wanted & water.

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