Transformational Sound Healing Journey

Event OverTicket Requiredsat04jun6:30 pmsat7:45 pm6:30 pm - 7:45 pm Transformational Sound Healing JourneyWith Becky of Grounded Peace


Immersed in a cocoon of transformational healing sounds to help you release, relax and transport you to another time and dimension.

In this special workshop Becky of Grounded Peace will combine her natural love for the power of sound, music and healing work to create intuitive and powerful soundscapes. The powerful healing sounds created by Becky will help aid the mind to release through entrainment and the body’s energy to unblock and rebalance through the vibrations created by beautiful healing instruments such as Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Shamanic style Drumming, Ocean Drum, Native American Flute, and what has also been described as her ‘haunting, ’ancestral’, ‘otherworldly’, ‘unique’ and ‘moving’ channelled voice. All you need to do is lie back, relax and allow the beautiful healing instruments to work their magic!

What you’ll need for the workshop:
–       Yoga mat/something to lie on
–       A blanket or sleeping bag
–       And anything else to make you feel comfortable and cosy like warm socks, a pillow, eye mask, crystals, water

“That was the first time for me with Sound Healing… I admit I was sceptical. BUT…her voice (and her smile) – Becky sounds like a mix between a fairy and a shaman. She plays the bowls with wisdom – seems like a ritual.
I obviously changed my mind. Don’t miss her.”
Becky Cresswell – Integral Sound Healing Practitioner/Tutor/Teacher – Vocal Channel – Musician – Songwriter

Becky of Grounded Peace is a deeply intuitive and qualified Integral Sound Healing Practitioner, associate Tutor/Teacher with the Sound Healing Academy International and has been a highly qualified and accomplished musician and music teacher for over 20 years.

Music and sound have instinctively run through Becky’s veins since childhood; being used as an outlet for her self-expression, release, connection and creativity. This special and natural connection with music led her to study music at university, perform her own music in bands at many venues and festivals, become a music teacher and later become a Sound Healing Practitioner.

It was through her path with yoga and yoga teacher training that she discovered Sound Healing. What she did so intuitively with her voice and instruments to help her relax, release and connect now made so much sense. She then studied and qualified as a Sound Healing Practitioner so that she could share these healing gifts with the world and so that others could also benefit from the magical effects of vibrational Sound Healing and Music.

Being a multi-instrumentalist she intuitively uses a myriad of instruments during her events such as Tibetan & Crystal bowls, Buffalo drum, Gong, Native American Flute, Ocean Drum, Chimes and what has also been described as her ‘haunting, ’ancestral’, ‘otherworldly’, ‘unique’ and ‘moving’ channelled voice, which has to be heard to be believed.

Becky has released many Sound Healing and Music albums and hosts many regular sold out Sound Baths and Hammock Sound Baths all over the West Midlands. She has also held Sound Healing events at festivals such as the Birmingham & Wolverhampton Yogific Vegan Festivals and of course the wonderful Burning Woman Festival.

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