Waking the Wolf

fri03jun8:00 pmfri10:00 pm8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Waking the WolfWith Suzanne Arnold


“Waking the Wolf – A Tale of Wild and Wise Women”
It is a rich tapestry of a tale, woven together with the threads of women’s lives: the bravery, the vulnerability, the intelligence, the humour and the compassion of women, who like all of us, embody the archetypes of both the wild and the wise woman.
This story was originally inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, it is and is not that story now. It tells the tale of three generations of women, in a time before this time but, also, of this time. A Time of great change.
It’s a tale of discovery, growth, and desire; the strength and resilience of a love that binds and ultimately offers freedom.
“Once upon a time there was a Wild Woman, she carried everything a woman needs to be and to know. She carried the medicine and healing for all things. She carried stories and dreams and words and songs. She could track and run. She could sense and love deeply. She was all that was instinct and intuition. She was a deep listener and a loyal heart. She was the source of the feminine. She still is… she is you. She lives within and without, in our soul and in the Earth, the trees, the rivers, the seas.”

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