Who are you?

sat04jun7:15 pmsat7:45 pm7:15 pm - 7:45 pm Who are you?By Louise Groves


Louise Groves is an unconventional artist who gained a Masters at Birmingham School of Art. This was a wonderful and challenging time for Louise as she found her own work was not always supported but she found that it is part of the battle against conformity and changing people’s perceptions. Louise performs through original ideas, her feelings, ideas, inspirations and takes a stand for Artists to be Artists not people whose work is just for money or the *white box*. Louise encourages women to be strong, bold and be their wild authentic selves and nothing less.
“My work as a performance artist is taken from my own experience and I use emotions, dance, music and whatever feels right to convey the message. In this work I am asking “Who are you?” If you take off the perceptions from our teachers, parents, media, friends, partner, loved ones… and the societal conditioning …so…..Who are you? I asked myself first and in the performance I find out who I am… What my essence is… and what my strengths are.
I perform to the track “Who are you?” because it asks the question and goes back to the 1970s that was carefree, wild and fun! I explain my own workings of the performance but I like each person who watches it to get their own take as its not a one shoe fits all. We all see things individually and I hope it will be enjoyed individually and proves thought provoking for the audience.”
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