Witches & Wombs Workshop

sun23jul1:00 pmsun3:00 pm1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Witches & Wombs WorkshopWith Vix Marie


Healing the sacred divine feminine and reclaiming the power of sisterhood.


For women who are wanting to feel more powerful, confident, and connected to their feminine energy and intuition. Those who are looking for more passion and creativity and to heal any guilt, shame or pains associated with being a woman.


Trauma can be passed down from the linage of woman who came before us, and we can pass it on to our own daughters and their daughters and so forth. We store this in our womb space (whether we have a physical womb or not) which can lead to menstruation challenges and medical issues as well as stifling our passion and zest for life and creation! We as the powerful feminine can stop this and cut the cord for our future generations so we can collectively live in our true goddess energy and power!


As women are more closely linked to nature, being the creator of life, having cycles aligned with the moon and being able to read and understand signs and synchronicities, we are often seen as Witches. Somebody who possesses supernatural powers and the ability to harness the energy of nature to have effects on places and people. This is a label to be proud of and to embrace but with the history of persecution, trials and Witch hunts, and a dash of misrepresentation in Hollywood, we have been taught to suppress this side of us. To suppress what is our natural state of being. In this special workshop, we are realigning with our feminine, yin and lunar energy. Releasing the distrust, underrepresentation, and undervaluing. This powerful womb healing is a beautiful ceremony within a sacred sister circle.


Vix is an eclectic, clairsentient Witch who mentors other on their journey of self-love, power reclamation and transformation. She is the author, teacher, and intuitive guide with qualifications in Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership and Management, Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Life Coaching, Career Guidance, Education, Reiki and Neuro-linguistic Programming.


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