sun05jun3:00 pmsun5:00 pm3:00 pm - 5:00 pm WOMEN OF FIRE! BE WHO YOU CAME TO BE AMBASSADORS OF UNITYWith Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)


Feel the power of Community and Spirit. It is time for the Phoenix to rise out of the ashes and into the future. Time to fly in a limitless sky.
Welcome to ‘THE SHAMANIC PORTAL’ where we support and inspire you to:
. Become Your Own Medicine Turn Trauma to Treasure.
· Let Love Be Your Guiding Star
· Peace your final frontier… for the benefit of all
“Now, is our time to shine.
To bless the shadows for they inspire us to seek out the light.” Jls
Become the change you wish to see… Ignite your passion and purpose, celebrate your life through the power of love, vision, prayer, innocence, peace, release, nature, stillness, presence, co-creation, fun and deep connection. Plant sacred seeds for change and transformation.
Hone your intuition, celebrate your authentic voice, invite humour and wisdom to dance through your fire and help manifest your dreams, open hearted
Our time includes Shamanic practice, invitation to step into your own wild medicine and song, inner visionary journeying, healing transmission through drum and voice, breathing space, inspired poetry, intuitive vocal expression, a circle of truth, an invitation to walk your talk, a place to shine, to give and receive, a place to nurture your inner fire in order to blaze your own trail of glory into the future and help heal the earth.
Jenny Lynne Sessions, (Jen-ix) is a creative catalyst for change and transformation. She is a spiritual teacher, healer, visionary, shaman, artist, transformational speaker, author, poet, and fire-walk instructor.
A channel for higher guidance and healing sound frequencies through drum and voice.
Jen-ix has a unique way of working with community and spirit in the true presence of the moment, expect a wild card and maybe a miracle.
She hosts a multi-dimensional safe space to facilitate transformation, inviting your magical presence to be witnessed and met.
Please bring:
Drums and rattles if you have them, a journal, pen, and a night-light. Wear comfortable clothing, be open to welcome all that you are, set intention and then let go into the loving arms of Great Mystery.
Be who you came to be…
A Pearl from the Wreckage
A Woman of Fire!
Mitakuye O’yasin
(To all my relations)
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