Performing Arts Application Form

19-21 July 2024

Belvoir Castle, UK

Bring your fire to the Burning Woman Festival! We’re seeking dancers, comedians, cabaret artists, and all you unique and captivating performers. Share your talents in a deeply supportive environment where collaboration ignites and boundaries dissolve. Dance beneath the stars, captivate the crowd with your wit, weave magic with your music, and be part of something truly transformative. Ready to set the stage ablaze? Share your vision!

Remember, your message should capture the spirit of Burning Woman Festival – self-expression, community, and transformation. Make it clear that joining the festival is more than just a performance; it’s an opportunity to contribute to a unique and powerful experience.

Where are you travelling from?
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Would you be willing to perform for free in exchange for marketing and promotion? Yes/ No
What equipment do you need for your show?
Do you plan to bring your own tent/ campervan?