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Speakers for this event

  • Cali White

    Cali White

    I am Witch: Reclaiming our Ancestral Magic

    The land is calling us home, the Earth is longing for our return! In this session Cali will share the Ancestral wisdom that will reconnect you with your magic and relight your inner fire. The Burning Times took away from our Ancestors their birth right to be in deep communion with Nature as a source of power. Generation after generation, women unconsciously learnt that this power is dangerous and must be hidden away. They played small, they doubted themselves, they kept quiet, they put everyone else before themselves...the list goes on. The reality is we need this power! We need it for our health, our self-esteem, our authenticity, our creativity. It is the source of our love! During a 13-moon pilgrimage in 2019, Cali gathered over 500 women across the UK and Ireland in ceremonies to heal the witch wound and honour our Ancestors of those times. Here she shares her experience of how to clear the inherited trauma so we may step fully into our sovereignty and leadership and reclaim our rightful place in this pivotal moment of our evolution. Life is calling us! Enough is enough! It's time to rise and shine!

    I am Witch: Reclaiming our Ancestral Magic

  • Debs de Vries

    Debs de Vries

    The Vulva and the Voice - Embodiment of the Sacred Connection

    This talk examines and reveals the physical and sacred connections between the voice and the vulva/yoni and the great void of all creation. This is applicable to male, female and gender-neutral bodies. We look deeply at how taboo, culture and loss of knowledge have severed humanity from its umbilical, sacred connection to the Goddess, from the fertile black void of creation. Debs discusses how this knowledge must now be returned and why it is imperative that we do so now. With this we can build sustainable environments of all kinds, so humanity can begin to thrive and not simply survive. Debs de Vries is a wisdom holder, mentor and guide for “The Temple of Sheba”. It is her Dharma and pure joy to take bold, brilliant, determined, midlife women who are feeling lost, confused, and uncertain of the way forward and show them how to build their own unshakeable internal resources and create their unique holistic ‘soul life map’. Using the power of alchemy (Transference Healing ®) Tantra, Shamanism and many more power tools, Debs uplifts, energizes and teaches women how to quickly shift frequency and be free from doubt, drama, energy loss and illusion.

    URL https://debsdevries.com/

    The Vulva and the Voice - Embodiment of the Sacred Connection

  • Dr Sarita Robinson

    Dr Sarita Robinson

    Women Tighten Your Bras

    Dr Sarita Robinson is one of the world’s leading academic researchers in area of survival psychology and is often referred to as Doctor Survival! Sarita has had some hair-raising adventures, including completing Helicopter Underwater Escape, Fire-Fighting and Coastal Survival training, all in the line of work. Even on her days off, Sarita tries to pack in the adventures whether it is canoeing the Great Glen way or taking a group of young adults to Lesotho. In this talk Sarita reflects on how having adventures can help us all with our personal growth, increasing our resilience and confidence.

    Women Tighten Your Bras

  • Harriët Kroon

    Harriët Kroon

    Becoming One With Your Blueprint

    Have you noticed that your spiritual journey is about unlearning thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning and becoming whole? If you yearn to step into your personal blueprint, onto your path, and into your gentle power, then Harriët Kroon is here to guide you. Harriët is the founder of the international Divine Plan Healing School and teacher of The Divine Plan Healing System. Harriët’s passion is helping people step into their personal blueprint, onto their path, and into their gentle power with Divine Plan Healing. The Divine Plan Healing System is an ultra-modern modality, powered by the Emerald Heart Light and the Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene. For six years Harriët was the Heart of this healing system and in 2016 she founded the Divine Plan Healing School. Mary Magdalene gifted this ultra-modern healing paradigm in 2013. In her talk, Harriët explains how it works and how it helps her becoming one with her blueprint. The Emerald Heart Light, a spiritual Light that helps us heal and evolve, plays an important role in Divine Plan Healing. Harriët is one of the two Principal Light Carriers of The Emerald Heart Light and will give you the opportunity to feel its empowering magic. Also, every participant receives a remote Divine Plan Healing to support you in becoming whole and one with your blueprint. Are you looking for a happy and fulfilling life? Don’t miss this opportunity to liberate yourself from inner blockages! Harriët is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    URL http://www.harrietkroon.nl

    Becoming One With Your Blueprint

  • HeatherAsh Amara

    HeatherAsh Amara

    Activate Your Warrior Goddess Power: Live from Intent, Inspiration, and Intuition

    Join author and love revolutionary, HeatherAsh Amara, for Activate Your Warrior Goddess Power. During this one-hour talk, HeatherAsh will share the key steps to living unconditionally, which means cultivating our intent, inspiration, and intuition in a new way. We're moving away from the old model of power where we want to have power over others (or ourselves) and moving towards a new paradigm of power that is based on tending our own inner fire so we shine brightly in the world to bring about change. HeatherAsh Amara is the Warrior Goddess Mama and creatrix of The Warrior Goddess Training series, including The Warrior Heart Practice. She is dedicated to supporting women in developing their self-intimacy, steadiness, and stillness by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions. Raised in Southeast Asia, HeatherAsh has traveled the world from childhood and is continually inspired by the diversity and beauty of human expression and experience. She brings this open-hearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings. HeatherAsh is also a Master Firewalk Instructor, training firewalk instructors every summer in Teotihuacan, Mexico. She can often be found chanting and dancing around the fire.

    URL http://www.warriorgoddess.com/

    Activate Your Warrior Goddess Power: Live from Intent, Inspiration, and Intuition

  • Jenny Lynne sessions (Jen-ix)

    Jenny Lynne sessions (Jen-ix)

    Become Your Own Medicine - It’s ‘Time to Fly in a Limitless Sky’

    Jen-ix is a Visionary, a Creative Catalyst for Change and Transformation. She will guide you on a super-visionary process through the fires of transmutation. Inviting you to re-vision, release and rewire that which impedes your limitless flight. No longer should you play safe to keep the peace. It’s time to be seen in your full glory and soar like the Eagle Jen-ix has been involved in the healing arts for over 30years and has walked extensively with shamans, and spiritual leaders. She has been recognised as a natural born shaman a potent healer, teacher and compassionate channel for higher guidance and healing sound frequencies. Always humbled and grateful that the wisdom of the elders underpins her work. Jen-ix is also a transpersonal counsellor, psychotherapist, empowerment coach and dynamic group facilitator, a transformational speaker, artist, poet and firewalk instructor. In 2009 Jen-ix stood on the cusp of life and death with a severely fractured spine. She knew she had been called to recommit to life and through the power of self-love, deep trust and surrender bring herself home to deliver her gifts with gratitude, fulfil her soul purpose, turn trauma to treasure and become her own medicine for the benefit of all. Jeni-ix teaches the ‘art of connection to source’, how to anchor willingness, develop the ability to ‘listen to your heart’ and become your own medicine. Through her unique connection with voice and drum, she is able to harmonise discordant energies within the land, people and animals initiating profound change through healing transmission. She is the founder of Earth-Echoes and A Circle of Feathers (The Power of Community and Spirit). A monthly opportunity for transformation, liberation, personal development, healing and joy. Within sacred space people strengthen their ropes of connection, develop their unique gifts, discover their authentic voice and turn trauma to treasure. A Circle Of Feathers is also a platform and gateway through which indigenous elders are invited to share their love and wisdom.

    URL https://www.earth-echoes.org/

    Become Your Own Medicine - It’s ‘Time to Fly in a Limitless Sky’

  • Kate Lambert

    Kate Lambert

    Healing within Relationships

    After a decade of wounding, triggering and repeating cycles, Love, Sex and Relationship coach Kate lambert finally cracked the codes along with her partner Luke to heal their relationship and step into a more conscious connection. In doing so, Kate was able to tap into a greater sense of wholeness, safety and connection. She now helps couples to do the same. In this talk, Kate will share her journey and her insight into how to transform your intimate relationships and heal your deepest wounds.

    URL https://sistercircletemple.com/

    Healing within Relationships

  • Olivia Beardsmore

    Olivia Beardsmore

    From Burn Out to a Life On Fire

    When humankind created fire for survival, this life-force would become symbolic of and inseparable from life itself. As we’ve evolved as a race, the original survival challenges have, for most of us, become easier - shelter, warmth, food and comfort. Yet, as life itself becomes more complex, burn-out is so often the end result. Olivia has a deep and profound connection with the element of fire. Using fire as a metaphor for life, Olivia takes you through a series of transformative stages – from being burnt out, to being alive with fire and radiating this vital energy to others. Olivia Beardsmore is an Internationally qualified, empowerment and fire walking instructor. She trained with the founder of the international firewalking movement, Tolly Burkan and Master Fire Walking Instructor, Kevin Axtell at The Firewalking Center in California. Olivia continued her training with Firewalking UK, with Master Fire Walking Instructors Steve Consalvez and Barry Collins. Olivia has extensive experience running events and festivals, motivational speaking and experiential empowerment workshops. She is the founder of Burning Woman Festival.

    URL http://www.oliviabeardsmore.com/

    From Burn Out to a Life On Fire

  • Sofia Buchuck Illa Killa

    Sofia Buchuck Illa Killa

    The Tahua Inti Suyo Spiritual Path & the Sacred Plant Medicines in Times of Liberation

    Illa Killa - Sofia Buchuck is a Chakawarmi medicine woman from Cusco Peru, with Inca, Shipibo Conibo and Shwar lineage. She is a shaman, who works with sacred master plants such as Ayahuasca and Wachuma and also works with plant dietas. She is the granddaughter of a Quechua healer and a Chakawarmi, Bridge medicine woman between universes of the Tahua Inti Suyo and Toltec spiritual paths. Sofia has also been living in the UK for over twenty years, where she graduated as an ethnomusicologist and teacher of music. She has been travelling extensively with medicines of Pachamama, doing workshops, healing with crystals and sacred Toltec and Lemurian Codes. She is a Priestess of the Rose Temples of Avalon. In her talk, Sofia shares how we are all children of Mother Earth and Father Sun, the main Incan Deities. We reclaim our full potential as women at this time by healing lineages of slavery, returning to the time of Pachakuti and connecting to our beloved Mother Earth. This is a feminine time, a return of the goddess, Gaia, Sophia, Maria Magdalene and Isis. It’s a new time of liberation, to grow and be as sovereign. This the time of Aquarius, time to raise as a child of light, daughter of Pachamama, living in equilibrium with nature, liberation of the mind, heart, blood, spirit, through medicine plants, reconnection to the earth, reconnection to the source and empowering ourselves as solar and lunar beings. Time to say ‘yes’ to liberation of the matrix onto the real cosmic time. Time of the goddess - becoming the best version of ourselves bringing the heavens to the earth. Included in Sofia’s talk are medicine songs alongside her Yanantin, Thomas Schoenmaker.

    URL http://www.sofiabuchuck.com

    The Tahua Inti Suyo Spiritual Path & the Sacred Plant Medicines in Times of Liberation

  • Sunny Angel

    Sunny Angel

    Wings (Freedom)

    Sunny Angel changed her name via deed poll so that she could share her story to safeguard others. She now has a new life as well as a new name. Sunny is 42, she was born in England and lives in Surrey, the outskirts of London. Ever since she was diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect (Hole in the Heart) her mission was to tell my story before she died, to help inspire others to heal. She didn't want her pain to be wasted. She is thankful that her experiences have helped safeguard many others. Sunny believes Life is for living, not just surviving or existing. Sunny was sexually abused as a child. At 17, she had a stalker who groomed her through fear of hurting her family. He raped and tortured her in a locked house for 6 months. Following her escape, Sunny's parents allowed her back home only to get rid of her via a Forced Marriage. Sunny wasn’t ready for marriage, so she left to go to a homeless shelter where she took an overdose and attempted suicide. She woke up in the hospital realising death had rejected her too. Her parents then forced her marriage to a man with disabilities. The Groom’s family wanted ‘Dowry’ and gave Sunny and my her family abuse. After 4 months of marriage, Sunny's parents collected her and the marriage ended in divorce. Now, Sunny is a Speaker, Campaigner, Author and Survivor Ambassador. She wrote her Book ‘Wings’ with her friend Paul King. She has had the honour of doing speeches with Nazir Afzal OBE, Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, Family Division Judges of the High Court, Lord and Lady Justices of Appeal, Barristers, Multi-Agency, Social Workers, Drs, Hospital staff, Teachers, University Students, School Parents, Major Crime Unit, Several Police Forces, Multi Faith, Inter Faith and Charities. Sunny Angel has worked with 7 Universities. She was a Finalist for the Heroine of the Year Award (Domestic Violence) 2017, Nominated for Author of the Year WLA 2017, Finalist for the British Indian Awards 2018 (Arts & Cultural Awareness), Winner for the Beautiful Survivors World of Honors – Ladies of All Nations International 2018, Winner of the She Inspires Award 2018 and True Honour Award 2019. ‘Wings’ has featured in various Newspapers, National and International. TV, Radios and Documentaries.

    URL www.sunny-angel.com

    Wings (Freedom)


    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • January 30, 2021
    • 10:00am Olivia Beardsmore10:00am - 11:00amFrom Burn Out to a Life On FireSpeakers: Olivia Beardsmore

    • 11:30am Harriët Kroon11:30am - 12:30pmBecoming One With Your BlueprintSpeakers: Harriët Kroon

    • 1:00pm Cali White1:00pm - 2:00pmI am Witch: Reclaiming our Ancestral MagicSpeakers: Cali White

    • 2:30pm Dr Sarita Robinson2:30pm - 3:30pmWomen Tighten Your BrasSpeakers: Dr Sarita Robinson

    • 4:00pm Sunny Angel4:00pm - 5:00pmWings (Freedom)Speakers: Sunny Angel

    • January 31, 2021
    • 10:00am Jenny-Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)10:00am - 11:00amFrom Shy-Gal to SHEagle - Time to Fly in a Limitless SkySpeakers: Jenny Lynne sessions (Jen-ix)

    • 11:30am Sofia Buchuck Illa Killa11:30am - 12:30pmThe Tahua Inti Suyo Spiritual Path & the Sacred Plant Medicines in Times of LiberationSpeakers: Sofia Buchuck Illa Killa

    • 1:00pm Kate Lambert1:00pm - 2:00pmHealing within RelationshipsSpeakers: Kate Lambert

    • 2:30pm Debs de Vries2:30pm - 3:30pmThe Vulva and the Voice - Embodiment of the Sacred ConnectionSpeakers: Debs de Vries

    • 4:00pm HeatherAsh Amara4:00pm - 5:00pmActivate Your Warrior Goddess Power: Live from Intent, Inspiration, and IntuitionSpeakers: HeatherAsh Amara


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