Join us around our virtual campfire for our 4th Online Global Burning Woman Festival, where you can nourish and immerse yourself in female energy. We have a wonderful line-up of speakers and workshops for your to enjoy as well of hundreds of pounds of prizes to giveaway.

FREE for Burning Woman Festival 2023 ticket holders or £20 to attend and you will receive full access to the videos.

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Virtual Eventsun20nov10:00 amsun6:00 pm10:00 am - 6:00 pm Online Global Burning Woman Festival November 2022

Speakers for this event

  • Kate Lambert

    Kate Lambert

    Relationship Coach

    Kate is the founder of Sister Circle Inner Temple, where she hosts circles, training and workshops for women and couples. She has trained with The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and she’s a qualified teacher with a Masters in Counselling Psychology.

    Kate is also trained an imago facilitator and uses this life changing method to help couples back into connection and meaningful relating.


    Relationship Coach

  • Laura Sylv

    Laura Sylv

    Empowerment Coach

    Laura Sylv is an Empowerment Coach for women. Her heart-led mission is to help guide women back home to themselves through the power of self-love and positive mindset. She compassionately helps women to unveil their deep-rooted fears, limiting beliefs and anything that is keeping them stuck or holding them back. Laura helps you to find ‘you’ again, to reclaim your happiness, your spark, to truly love and accept yourself, stepping into your true authenticity. Say goodbye to self-doubt as well as all the things that no longer serve you, so you can embody the most fulfilling, confident high vibe version of yourself that is on a continuous journey to improving herself and her life. It all starts with you.


    Empowerment Coach

  • Olivia Beardsmore

    Olivia Beardsmore


    Olivia is the founder of Burning Woman, a movement to bring woman together to share and support each other throughout life’s journey. With over a decade in the events industry, Burning Woman Festival was created, gathering hundreds of women from across the country to share an empowering and magical weekend, bringing an innate, wild happiness to their lives.


    Olivia is a Fire Walking Instructor and Experiential Empowerment Coach with an unbridled, enthusiasm for life! Beneath her positive, infectious demeanour lies a burning fire of passion to empower others and has guided hundreds of people through walk over hot coals to witness their power and apply it to their lives.



  • Ruth John

    Ruth John

    Holistic Therapist

    Ruth is a mum of two beautiful boys, from Barry in South Wales. She loves kitchen dancing, sea dipping and adventures and will be joining us in person at the Burning Woman Festival 2023!

    Ruth runs a small holistic therapy business with a vision to make breathwork, reiki and meditations inclusive and accessible to as many humans as possible.

    Holistic Therapist

  • Trina Kavanagh-Thomas

    Trina Kavanagh-Thomas


    Hey! I am Trina a writer/creative and a healer.

    I work with Spiritually Conscious Female Coaches.

    I support, guide, and connect you to many realms as you go through your big moments in life.

    And teach you how to deepen your intuitive powers so you have more opportunities to write, speak and more… come your way.




    • november 20, 2022
    • 10:00am W-Power10:00am - 11:00amIn Olivia’s talk, she shares how to utilises your Double You (W) of Woman Power to increase your capacity to be seen, heard, show-up and live a purposeful life, following your passion in your power.Speakers: Olivia Beardsmore

    • 11:30am Shining a Light on Eating Disorders11:30am - 12:30pmThis talk is about mental health and more specifically, the taboo around eating disorders. The myths and the harrowing bits people don’t talk about or don’t want to know about. Laura will be talking about her 12+ year battle with anorexia and the challenges and struggles that came along with that, including how I got to where I am today. Laura will talk about the many near death experiences, but also the beauty that is found at the bottom of despair and strength, resilience and wisdom gained in adversity. Eating disorders are incredibly complex and difficult to understand, they aren’t just about food, appearance, and weight. Laura will be shining a light on this topic, in her inspiring and educating talk. Speakers: Laura Sylv

    • 1:30pm How to Heal your Body & Create Opportunities with Your Soul1:30pm - 2:30pmIn this session you will learn - Creativity is your power source How tapping into your body can help you move forward in business Guided support from the realms to stay consistent and on track I am super excited to meet you!Speakers: Trina Kavanagh-Thomas

    • 3:00pm Breathwork and BE-ing3:00pm - 4:00pmBreathwork, Meditation and Reiki Practitioner 'Reset with Ruth' will take you on a journey of self-discovery through the concept of Integrated Breathwork. Expect to hear Ruth's story so far: how breathwork and other methods have transformed her life. Be guided by Ruth on making sense of unhelpful feelings and practice proven breathwork techniques, helping you connect back to your BE-ing and let go of hurt, through the power of breath.Speakers: Ruth John

    • 4:30pm How Feminine Pleasure will Change the World4:30pm - 5:30pmIn this interactive workshop Kate will be sharing her own journey with awakening her sexuality and why female sexuality and pleasure will change the world!! Kate is a Sex love and relationship coach working to sexual empower women everywhere, helping them to reconnect to their feminine centre and reclaim their inner power source - their pussy energy! Kate is also a couples coach helping couples rediscover their connection to one another and a path to more conscious relating.Speakers: Kate Lambert

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