Spiritual Stand Up Comedy - Healing Through Laughter
With Rach Cox

Friday 19th July

10:30pm - 11pm

This interactive, embodied and accessible show headlined on the main stage of Mind Body Spirit (UK's largest and oldest wellness event) and will also be the featured act at the Om Yoga Show. The show has been touring European and UK festivals exploring the healing power of laughter, the perspective and space it provides us with to process and let go of that which no longer serves us.

A journey from council estate, to city lawyer, to yogi and worldwide dance facilitator… the comedy content touches upon topics such as grief, trauma, mental illness, eating disorders, addiction, classism, sexism and spiritual bypassing. All in a days work :)

Audience Comments...

“I can’t believe you made that funny….I’ve never ever been able to laugh about it….it’s really healing and powerful.” Kayleigh
“The best thing I’ve ever experienced at a wellness gathering.” Damaris
“More, more, more! Where has this been all my life? The wellness world needs this right now!” Shenuma
“It’s like therapy and laughter combined. Just incredible”