Empowering Survivors, Ending Violence: Supporting ASTI
My name is Nita Patel, I'm deeply passionate about the work of Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI), the only international organization solely dedicated to supporting acid burn victims and eradicating acid violence globally. Witnessing their impactful work firsthand in India has solidified my commitment to this cause.

My Fundraising Initiative:
To raise awareness and funds for ASTI, I'm hosting a unique cultural experience! Ladies will have the opportunity to dress up in stunning traditional attire like saris, complete with beautiful jewelry and bindis. This immersive experience celebrates vibrant culture while raising funds to empower survivors.

Join me in supporting ASTI!

Why This Matters:
Acid violence is a horrific crime with devastating physical and emotional consequences. Every donation empowers ASTI to provide essential medical care, rehabilitation, and psychological support to survivors, helping them rebuild their lives. Together, we can end this violence and create a future where survivors thrive.