Calling all kindred spirits! Witness the birth of a phenomenal weekend as we gather around the ancestral flame, the pulsating heart of our global community. Together, we ignite the sacred fire, marking the dawn of this transformative journey.

Feel the radiant warmth empowering your spirit, illuminating your path. Set your intentions under the watchful glow, your heart thrumming with anticipation. As the pulsating rhythm of drums and soul-stirring songs fill the air, let your body move in sync with the universal harmony.

Join the sacred circle and allow the vibrant energy of the Full Power Cacao ceremony, guided by the wise hands of Paulina Amora Griffin and Olivia Beardsmore, to wash over you, connecting you to the depths of your being and to the vibrant web of life around you.

This is the moment. This is your empowerment. Let the fire ignite the spark within, and step into a weekend teeming with inspiration, connection, and boundless possibilities.