FULL POWER CACAO has been 10 years in the making, she was birthed in 2012 after Liam’s trip to Guatemala for the end of the Mayan Calendar. On his spiritual adventure he met the Chocolate Shaman on the majestic Lake Atitlan and the trajectory of his life was changed forever. He worked closely with the Shaman and discovered the ancient hidden healing secrets of Lady Cacao and wanted to share that magic with everyone he met. This is when the journey began. Full Power Cacao recently featured on Dragon’s Den reaching the masses to share the magic with you and the whole world!

Liam Browne had the inspiration to create his own Cacao brand a couple of years back. After trying Ceremonial Grade Cacao from all over the world he eventually found what he feels is the best Cacao on the planet. He tested it with his network of healers and yogis and started using it in his Ceremonies. He has had amazing results of deep healing, emotional release, empowerment, and joy. On the 12.12.21 Liam will be launching his brand ‘FULL POWER CACAO’ to connect each person to the magical powers that exist within them.

FULL POWER CACAO which will open the heart and turn off the internal chatter of the mind. You will find that you can relax, easily connect to your dreams, and true path and step into the light of who you really are.

The Cacao is ethically sourced in Venezuela and is energetically cleared and blessed in Manchester by Liam and his team, who infused the Cacao with the highest vibrational energy.