Kundalini Activation Circle
With Yasmin Rose

Saturday 20th July 2024
11:00 - 12:30pm

Do you crave an awakening unlike any other?

Join us for a transformative journey of Kundalini activation led by Yasmin Rose. This session will blend potent life force energy activation with trauma-informed practices like bodywork, somatics, and movement. All you have to do is lie back, surrender with an open heart, and be ready for awakening, remembrance, and release.

Yasmin will guide you to:
  • Deconstruct outdated belief systems that hold you back
  • Experience a vortex of powerful Kundalini energy that activates your own, leading to deep healing and expanded consciousness
  • Release stuck trauma memories and imprints held within your body
  • Harness the power within you to cultivate inner freedom
After the session, connect with your fellow sisters in a sharing circle with ceremonial cacao. Ground yourself and come back into your heart space, fostering a deep sense of liberation and bliss.

Kundalini energy healing is on the rise, collectively awakening us to a new paradigm of love, unity, freedom, spiritual awareness, and peace. Are you ready to answer the call?
About Yasmin Rose
Yasmin Rose's mission is to empower women to heal and reclaim their full feminine power. Through her workshops, she helps women cultivate deep self-love and create sacred union within and without.