How does your soul yearn to be seen? What is your vision? These are two of the most important questions I ask my clients.

I am not just a photographer, nor am I a teacher. In your journey with me I am a guide who gently encourages your self-exploration into the concept, emotion or archetype you wish to be witnessed embodying. Your photoshoot is the culmination of this work, where I become your witness. I offer the opportunity to be seen in all your sacred glory, for all parts of you are sacred, and none are judged.

I have learned through experience that the act of allowing ourselves to be witnessed holds untold powers of transformation. Perhaps your young Maiden never felt seen, or your Wild Woman is feeling suppressed, perhaps you crave a concrete reminder than anger is not an emotion to be ignored or that your sensuality is sacred, perhaps you wish to have your love for mother earth captured.

Come chat with me about my work! There will be a few special slots for photoshoots while at Burning Woman festival, so if you feel called to harness the open and vulnerable festival energy do get in touch!