Does the energy of the moon call to you? Do you deeply feel your desires and yearnings and wish you could do something about them? Well now is your time.

This interactive workshop & circle explores how we can align our lives with the energy of the moon to bring balance, healing & potent manifesting energy!

Creating a sacred circle, we embrace the full Buck moon energy to manifest our dreams and desires to live our most amazing lives! The power of women coming together is incredible!

The full moon is a time when we too can shine bright! A time to celebrate who we are, what we have created & achieved, and also for releasing anything that no longer serves us.

You can expect: drumming journey & visualisation, fire ritual, manifestation techniques, and some potent lunar energy!

I am Jen, wild woman, creatrix, nature lover, working within the ancient landscapes of Cumbria. Fostering a deep connection with the land and the elements, I work with the old ways, the elements, seasons and cycles of nature & the moon to bring about healing and transformation.