Overcoming Limiting beliefs, One Belief at a Time
With Jess Cunningham & Belief Coding

Friday 19th July 11:00am - 12:30pm

Imagine waking up with the weight of past traumas lifted, ready to thrive with newfound confidence. This is the promise of Belief Coding®, a revolutionary healing modality pioneered by Jess Cunningham, a mother of five, entrepreneur, and TV personality. After overcoming personal hardship, Jess dedicated her life to helping others break free from fear and unlock their full potential.
Belief Coding® blends cutting-edge psychology with ancient Eastern wisdom. It uses scientifically proven techniques to reprogram subconscious beliefs that hold you back, while Eastern practices create a safe space for deep healing and emotional release. This fast-track technique helps remove the charge from past traumatic experiences, allowing you to finally step into the life you deserve.
Hear Jess’ story, what lead her to create Belief Coding® and experience a Belief Coding® facilitation with Jess and her incredible team of Belief Coding® Facilitators.