Your voice matters, as does your right to be visible and true to yourself. Now is the time when women everywhere are reclaiming their soul power through the channels of sound and vision. And your voice matters, as does your right to be visible and true to yourself.

This workshop, based on my teachings of “The Voice, the Vulva and the Vagus Nerve” will take you further into their spiritual and practical technologies to support you in embodying at a physical level, more personal power and the potential to live fully into your gifts and talents.

Using the power of Transference Healing (R) and my own discoveries of this previously hidden pathway, I want you to leave the workshop feeling attuned to a greater sense of your agency, your beauty and have ways to expand your ability to be seen, heard and fully ‘you’.

Debs is best known for her unique work around the feminine principle and for rediscovering the connections between the voice, the vulva and the vagus nerve. As a trained alchemist using 7th dimensional light technologies(Transference Healing (R), Tantrika, Reiki Master and a time-served devotee of helping women rediscover and amplify their personal gifts, talents and skills, she’s thrilled to be back at Burning Woman helping to fan the flames of harmony and soul fulfilment in service to the thriving of all beings.