Journey Through Sisterhood and Self-Care


Embark on a transformative experience that weaves together ancient practices with the power of sisterhood. This Rebozo Self-Massage & Wrapping Circle invites you to explore your journey of self-discovery, from Maiden to Crone.

The Rebozo, traditionally used in Closing the Bones ceremonies, becomes our “Extension of Loving Hands, Arms and Hearts.” Through self-massage and gentle wrapping, we’ll unravel what needs releasing, holding space for one another with compassion and understanding.

In this safe and supportive circle:
Learn self-massage techniques to release tension, improve circulation, and support your well-being.
Experience the power of self-wrapping for deep physical and emotional support.
Connect with other women on their unique journeys, fostering a sense of belonging and sisterhood.
Explore themes of letting go and embracing new beginnings, empowering you to move forward with greater clarity and purpose.
No matter where you are in life’s journey, you are welcome. This circle is open to all women who seek a deeper connection to themselves and to the supportive embrace of sisterhood.

Join us to:
Reclaim your inner wisdom and strength
Nurture your body and spirit
Discover the transformative power of community
This workshop is an invitation to step into your own power, one loving touch at a time.

Elena, a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra facilitator, resides in Cardiff. She is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, aromatherapist, massage therapist, sound healer, bone closer, and life & spiritual coach. Passionate about life and people, she created Soul of the Earth – a haven for flow and love.

At Soul of the Earth, you can connect deeply with your soul and nourish your mind and body in ways that resonate with you – ultimately living lighter and brighter. When not guiding others, Elena embraces life’s simple joys: hugging trees, splashing in the sea, feeling the sand between her toes, singing uninhibitedly, dancing freely, drumming, walking her dog, and losing herself in the present moment.

Please bring a yoga matt and cushion to make yourself comfortable