Ready to take a journey within to connect with your life force energies within your incredible womb?

Discover blockages deep within your cellular memory which are holding your confident and creative flow back. Learn how to heal, release and unleash your incredible fertile self.

Had enough from putting on a brave face whilst feeling unworthy, fearful and inadequate as a woman on the inside? This is for you to revive your feminine core and come alive!

Vicki Renz is a shamanic womb healer, channeller and popular YouTuber. She channels powerful healings and guides women to deeply connect with their womb to release the energetic root cause behind their fertility blockages, awakening them to their natural flow and creative core. Struggling with recurrent miscarriage and unexplained fertility in her 30’s, she used her own healing techniques to heal and become a mother of two. Vicki felt an urgent calling to awaken others to the energies within their womb and assist them with unlocking and rediscovering their feminine intuition and guidance so that they can abundantly flow.