Through the rebellion of loving ourselves we stand up to a world who has always told us we aren’t enough”

Why should every woman experience this workshop?

Dedicate time to your self-love practice. Feel supported by other sacred sisters in a divine safe women’s circle. Empower your mind, body, and soul. Create beautiful artwork to take home with you. Release insecurities through movement and dance. Feel the deep hypnotic rest and mindset reset through Yoga Nidra with focus on improving body confidence. Together we break down societies ideals and pressures placed upon us for being a woman through sacred conversation, ceremony, and journaling.

Lily is a Somatic Embodied Yoga Instructor,  Hypnotherapist, Body Worker and Coach, strongly influenced by Shamanic Practices and earth-based medicine.  She has been working in the wellness industry for 10 years, turning her own pain into medicine to empower you.