Faye Trainer, the Creatrix behind Unique Therapies, brings more than two decades of experience as a healing guide. As a Teacher, Reiki Master, Massage therapist, Oracle & Women's Circle Leader. Faye designs sacred spaces for growth, connection & transformation. Her journey of enlightenment and commitment serves as a beacon for everyone she encounters.

For the second year running , Faye introduces her unique therapies to Burning woman. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, a fusion of deep tissue massage & assisted yoga stretches.

Bespoke Aromatherapy massage, a mergence of personalised essential oil blends & therapeutic massage techniques.

Usui Reiki, the channelling of universal life force healing energy
And Oracle reading, divinatory practice to offer intuitive insights and guidance.

Modern living forces our bodies into unnatural shapes, restricts our organic movement and floods our systems with noise, chemicals and addictive stimulation. Through her healing touch and insightful guidance, recipients experience a soothing of the soul, rebalancing of the energy centers and physiological recalibration. Resulting in a mind, body and spirit rejuvenation.

Contact Faye in advance to secure a session or visit her beautiful bell tent in the healing area of the festival.