Whispers of the Witches Night Fireside Tale
With Allie Fuller

Friday 19th July 9.30pm - 11.00pm

Join us 'round the fire for a night of storytelling with Allie Fuller, a wild soul, witch, and weaver of tales. Tonight, we gather to breathe life into the story of Mary Fuller, a woman falsely accused and condemned as a witch.

Mary, like many she shared her fate with, was stripped of her history. She's naught but a name whispered on the wind, a life extinguished far too soon. But tonight, we change that. Allie will help us create a tale for Mary, a story that speaks for all those who were silenced.

As the flames dance, we'll weave together our own experiences, our thoughts on witches, and even a touch of magic. Allie will guide us to channel the anger at this injustice, letting it stoke a fire within us – a fire of fierce compassion. Together, we'll use that fire to forge love and peace for all those who have been labelled witches.

Allie Fuller: Weaver of Words and Healer of Hearts
Allie Fuller, a witch with a wild soul, brings her own experiences of creating safe spaces and healing practices to this night. A storyteller, healer, and creatrix, Allie guides yoga sessions, offers touch therapy, and finds solace in the Cumbrian woods. When she's not tending to her well-being studio, you might find her exploring with her children, taking a dip in a lake, or delving into historical fiction – all while keeping company with her fellow witches.

So, come one, come all, and raise a cup (or cauldron!) as we weave a tale of justice and love under the starry sky.

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